Equipment Gesellschaft für Internationale Elektronik Systeme
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Photo 37 Rotor with vacuum tube
collectors. Setup for test
and measurement at
Saarbrücken university/
Photo 38 Parabolic
(setup for test).
Operated by
Photo 39 Trough collector at DLR setup
for test and measuring (Deutsche
Versuchsanstalt für Luft- und
Raumfahrt, Abt. Solartechnik) in
Photo 70 Three EGIS-rotors
(each panel approx. 8 m2!)
in duty at BMW (car
manufactioner) Munich/
Germany (Search- and
information center)
since 1992.
Photo 47 Rotor with parabolical
reflector in solar-
astronomical use (Regensburg

Photo 36

Rotor carrying approx.
3 m2 photovoltaic panel
(vocational school at
Photo 35 Heliostat

Photo 132 Here the Tracker is used for
tracking of a direct radiation
gage (pyrheliometer) of the
company Kipp & Zonen
(university Marburg/Germany).
Photo 128 EGIS rotors at the
EXPO 2000 in
Photo 181 The Technical University of Berlin (TH Berlin)
uses the SolarTracker for the accurate
and exact tracking of an pyrheliometer.
Photo 188 the SolarTracker in scientific use for
research, development and education
Photo 163 Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft
& Kultur Leipzig/Germany (HTWK):
Here the SolarTracker from EGIS is
part of a complex instruction, research
and demonstration installation.
Photo 64 EGIS-Heliostat at the
"Labor for regenerative
Energien" »Villa Sonnen-
schein« at the
Fachhochschule für
Wirtschaft & Technik
in Berlin/Germany
Photo 117 EGIS-rotor in duty
for row-measurements
at the Technische
Universität Dresden/
Photo 74 The "sun wheel"
(approx. 6.5 m2)
of grammar school
Controlled by a
Photo 69 Rotor carries PV-
modules with
conventional target
device (Merseburg
Photo 139 Here the EGIS Tracker
carries and positiones
approx. 8 m2 PV modules!
These 8 m2 do not
cause any problems in
such calmy areas.
Photo 65 EGIS-Rotor in duty with a
Heliostat in "Technikum
Butzbach" (ISB Technician
school for environment
Butzbach (Hessen)/
Photo 41 SolarTracker on a
concrete pole with a
photovoltaic panel
Photo 105 EGIS-rotor with a special
application (MICRO ENERGY)
at the »Frauenhofer Institut
for Solar Energy« in Freiburg/
Photo 119 Parabolic concentrator
upon an EGIS-rotor
Photo 145 EGIS rotor
with vacuum
tube collector
Photo 143 asymmetric
use of the
panel carrier
Photo 147 setup for test
and measuring
at the university
of Lugano/
Photo 186 At the vulcano 'Merapi' in Indonesia the EGIS two-axis-anntenna-rotor is used for communication between the
aloft sensor station being positioned in dangerous surroundings and the measuring laboratory down in the valley.
The device has been developed, built and also installed by the Institute of Geophysics at Hamburg University.
Nowadays it is run by the 'Merapi Vulcano Observatory' in Yogukarta/Indonesia. The same device is used at
Mount Pinatubu/Indonesia.
Photo 72 Measure and experi-
mental construction of
vacuum tube collectors.
Tracking with a
SolarTracker of EGIS.
Photo 164 At the "Paul Scherrer Institut"
(PSI Villigen/Switzerland) the
SolarTracker carries solar
measuring instruments and
a weather registrating camera.

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